Wat doet BUCP?

What does BUCP do?

BUCP organises and coordinates the contacts between its members and the external bodies that are involved in its members’ activities or can impact them.

BUCP particularly maintains contacts with:

  • BENOR NPO, which manages the BENOR mark on behalf of the NBN
  • UBAtc NPO (Belgian Union for technical approval in construction), which issues the Technical Approvals (ATG) and organises the corresponding certification
  • the Federal Public Service (FPS) Economy, SMEs, Self-Employed and Energy – Quality in Construction – Approval and Specifications, which is responsible for the notification of Belgian certification bodies and testing laboratories within the framework of the CPR
  • BELAC, which manages the accreditation of certification bodies, inspection bodies and testing and calibration laboratories

BUCP represents its members in various external bodies, among which:

  • the “Advisory Group of Notified Bodies for the Construction Products Regulation” (AG GNB-CPR), which is the group of bodies notified by EU member states under the CPR
  • the Technical Committee for Construction (TCB/CTC), in charge of implementing the European Construction Products Regulation in Belgium, in accordance with the Law of 21 December 2013.

BUCP has set up committees to assist it in achieving its objectives.

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